In the last 10 days, I'm mostly doing the letter "D"

Forth Road Bridge Underside
In the last 12 or so days, I've been in:

  • Dublin - Twice - doing some seriously cool Development for BlueWave

  • Dusseldorf - on the way to Duisburg
  • Duisburg in Deutschland helping David Clark pick up some seriously heavy printing gear. And some beer. We used cases of beer to stop the printers banging together..

  • Den Haag in Holland, relieving Wouter of a serisouly heavy AIX Box

If only I flew from Dundee instead of Edinburgh, and took the Ferry to Dover instead of Zebrugge..

Anyone else had a "Sesame Street" based travel plan recently. ?

(The picture is the underside of the Forth Road Bridge, from the deck of the Ferry from Zebrugge to Edinburgh.. Never seen the bridges from the underside before..!)