Welcome home....

Finally made it to Montrose, got off the train and looked for the teenage daughter. She *was* supposed to be picking me up. Ah. No sign. Oh well. Got in a taxi, and went home.

Got to the house. No daughter. I have no keys. So here am I sitting on my back patio, laptop on the garden bench, connected through to my wireless. Remember, my phone is broken, so I'm trying to use Skype to get a hold of my daughter. FINALLY she answers. She's 30 miles south. She forgot I was coming. I called my wife via the school switchboard. She's on a school outing. I finally get through to her mobile, and she hangs up on me.

Sigh. I guess this is what I get for not taking a set of house keys with me.. Wonder if I can break into my house before it starts raining?

Update: I wish I could report back that i scaled the north wall, climbed over the top of the chimney, and forced the security windows apart. The old "neighbour had a key" trick worked out..