Almost home

Continental's service from Newark airport to Edinburgh is in a 757. So basically, its "Ryanair" for six to eight whole hours. Thankfully, this time, I managed to get an aisle seat with an empty middle. But it was *cramped*. Like the seat wasnt wide enough for me. Hard, uncomfortable seat. Jostling. Only two toilets for the whole of economy. Nasty.

There's no seat-back TV, you have to pay for headphones and drinks, and it showed one god-awful movie on shared drop down TV's. To ensure complete misery, we had to wait in Newark airport terminal C for an hour - and the single, only bar there was so slllllooooowwww. Like 15 minutes to order, 15 minutes to delievr a beer, and 20 minutes to actually make two marguaritas. Perhaps the slow service is part of a TSA directive to ensure all passengers are edgy, not drunk, pissed off. If this is the case, it worked.

Sitting at haymarket station - Warren and Kitty dropped me off. Very nice of them, especially given my unwashed state.. Considering that google recruiters call this afternoon. Now given that Google dont do Notes, and tehre's no Googleplexes near Aberdeen, I'm wondering how short this conversation will actually be.

Remember folks, my Blackberry suffered a whisky related death on Sunday morning - I'm not ignoring you, I just cant answer the thing!