The View - Lotus Developer 2007

Having a hoot at the Developer 2007 conference. Not only do I get to do some cooool sessions, but get to meet some really interesting delegates. For instance, yesterday one delegate to my "calling C-API from LotusScript" had just started using Lotus Notes a few weeks ago. I did say at the start that this was a horrible, advanced, "running with scissors plus plus" style presentation, but he hung in there. Good man!

However, it must be said that there are more Admins than Developers at this conference. My mates - Paul Mooney and Warren Elsmore - are getting huge rooms full of admins - and they take every opportunity to abuse us poor Developers. I must find a conference where the reverse is true and we can dish some abuse out..

The conference had a bunch of comedians on stage last night.. "Whats new?", I hear you ask. No, really professional comedians. Very funny, very unpolitically correct. A very good night, especially when they joined us in the bar afterwards..

This morning was strange. Paul had kindly taken my laptop to his room, and of course my poor BlackBerry was dead. For several hours, I was completely cut off from the rest of the world. What a lovely feeling that was..

Its the last day today, and unlike various others, am NOT going off to purchase a new MacBook Pro.. Sigh.. I'll just have to wait a few months before getting permission from SWMBO..