The View - Lotus Developer 2007.

A fantastic day at the LotusDeveloper2007 conference yesterday. Two sessions in, two today, and two tomorrow. And since they're nice and spread out - lots of time for networking.

The venue is nice - I have a suite on the 25th floor - and connected to about 50 miles (or so it seems) of shopping malls. Will have to visit one today or tomorrow and get SWMBO and the Sprog some gifts to make up for me not being home. Or to encourage them to open the door when I get there. One of them.

Hung out in Jamie Magee's party last night - awesome. Some really funny people - so go and get a copy of NoteMan - cool guy, cool product. Oh - and the nice people from CertFx were there too.

All I can say is - thank god for Starbucks in the hotel lobby..