My Poor Little BlackBerry.

DSC03233Over the weekend, I was involved in a series of day and night long meetings, which inevitably involved me opening a bottle of Macallans 12 year old Single Malt. You know - one of the Elegance ones. Very nice. And during this process (no, dear reader, I wasnt drunk), I spilled some. Not one to waste anything, I attempted to retrieve it.

From the keyboard of my blackberry. I whipped the battery out, shook it, sucked it, etc. All to no avail. My poor little BlackBerry's keyboard had died. Not just a single key - every key. It was as if the link between the keyboard and the CPU had become disconnected.

Clearly the poor thing was hung over. So we tried giving it some water - all to no avail.

So it works. It accepts incoming calls, eMails, and so forth. I just cant answer it.. Sigh.. So I'm living on Skype between calls.

Now this is a shame. My Pearl had a liter of good German beer dumped on it by accident, and aside from the trackball sticking, was fine. Clearly, the 8800 is slightly more sensitive..

All I can say is that after several months of complete BlackBerry usage, being without my little portal onto the world is HARD. I love my BlackBerry...