The New Statesman

The New StatesmanGot home from the Salt Mines last night. My wife and I stared at each other and went "Aaarrgggh!".

We were supposed to be in Aberdeen, at the Theater, watching Rik Mayall in The New Statesman - he reprises his sleasy political figure from the '90s - " Alan B'stard ". Bugger. So we dashed up there in the (dis)courtesy car, and made the second half. Whereupon an usher told us that Rick was ill, and someone else was leading. However, if we wanted we could come back on Friday for free.. Ummm. Yeah..

The second half was pretty good.. Going to have to come back Friday to see the first half now..

Is it good ? Very... (And yes - I *had* to purchase the rosette..)