Three Weeks ago...

Finally just caught my breath. Why ?

  • Three weeks ago, we'd just finished iLug2007 . Phew!

  • Two weeks ago, I'd just spent two days in Westford, looking at all the cool shiny new toys that the engineers were doing. Its cooool.

  • Last week, I'd just finished doing SIX 90 minute sessions for The View Developer 2007 conference in Boston.

  • And this week, I spent the whole week putting fields on forms, and fixing views.

Who says that all this exposure, flying, public speaking, super-geekery and hard work would lead someplace *interesting* ? ;-)

Actually, after the last six months, some really boring monotonous stuff like this is the perfect antidote. It means that I can easy switch my brain off at night, and focus on other things.. Such as my long-suffering wife and child..