Day two at the gym

Day two at the gym. And like all modern gyms, your supposed to get changed into your shorts without any privacy. Given I'm basically a hairball, I usually try and find a quiet area and time before I slip out of my cashmere underpants. And usually, as if a fecking siren went off outside, a dozen similarly corpulent (but with suspiciously shaven chests) then waddle in like a herd of elephants and seem to crowd me out. Strange. Well, not one to be shy and introverted, I usually fart.. And by god, they made room today..

10 minutes on the recument bike (on "fat burn" as opposed to cardio) - so I sat there barely out of breath watching TV. Then onto the treadmill - and cramped up within two minutes. Bugger. Some stretches, then the rowing machine for 10 mins (3km). Bugger the "fat burn" - I want to be out of breath.. ;-)

As I rowed, I viewed the padded floor area and watched this bloke do a routine on what can only be described as an "Adult Space Hopper", painted silver and without the handles. He was basically sitting on it and moving back and forth. Well, whatever floats your boat, but I can do that WHILST waiting for a pint at a bar.. Odd exercise..

Anywhoo. With that, and the 1.5 mile walk, and the two flights of stairs to get back to the office, and the lack of fags since friday - I'm feeling rather santimonious today. And announced that during one of the more boring streches at work. "Sanctimonious Bill" has a sort of ring to it, doesnt it ?