I'm still alive..

Yup. Went to the Gym for initiation. Which was nothing more than saying "Your morbidly obsese", "Dont push yourself", and "only do low intensity 'fat burning' till you can see your feet". Nice Tell me something I dont know.

So as soon as the "instructor" had disappeared (no doubt out the back for 20 malboro lights and a beer), I was on that treadmill, like a fat kid on cake. After 5 minutes, double vision, sore legs, stomach muscle cramps and about 3 gallons of sweat, I had done most of a mile. Nice.. Good to know the old "flight" mechanism works, eh ? Its not pretty, fast, or smart, but it'll still get me away from slow moving predators.

Sat in work this afternoon alternately groaning or drinking coffee trying to stay awake. It'll get better.