Jet Lag - sucks

I've been running on nothing but caffeine, nicotine and Adrenaline for the last three months. When I got back on friday, my bodies ability to get by on just a few hours sleep a night collapsed. I've been sleeping, dozing, drifting off. And thats just during the day.

Mind you, I've not had a coffee in 48 hours and a cigarette since 2pm on Friday (EST), at the door of Terminal C in Newark Airport. So you can see why I'm finding it hard.

I'll be dieting hard this week, joining a gym. This should be interesting. Wonder if I'll get to Wednesday before I blow an anneurism? :-)

What else ? Its been a really interesting few weeks - The View in Bawston, a very successful few days visiting Westford (and indeed drinking in Chillis - the bar closest to the Iris sign!), and the obligiatory Penumbra meeting. So for us developers - whats the big news ? Well the big news is:

  • Notes 8.0 - Composite applications. The ability of Notes (and other applications) to publish to other applications, and act upon actions triggered from other applications. If this sounds like Portal v5 "Click to Action", or Portal v6 "Wiring" - well, its very very similar. This is *the* function that the new Notes 8 client will give us right out of the box come launch day sometime this summer.

  • At some point in the future, we *will* get a version of designer within Eclipse, as Maureen Leeland has been demoing. I dont know when, but I'm looking forward to it. Fancy treating Lotusscript just as you do every other language within Eclipse ? I'm guessing that "designer in eclipse" might do this.

  • Notes 8 finally provides an inbuilt web service consumer for LotusScript. If you cant wait, check out Project Stubby at OpenNtf .

So - interesting times ahead..