More BlackBerries!

IMG00083.jpgOn the very day of the SNUG meeting, the new BlackBerry 8300 - the hybrid between the Pearl and the 8800 - was announced. And as part of benig a BlackBerry partner, I got a Pearl and a 8800 through the post. Amazing. (The Pearl is on the left, and the 8800 on the right).

Both are excellent phone and eMail devices. The main differences are:

  • The Pearl has a "two buttons per key" keyboard and as a result is thinner.

  • The Pearl has a (decent) camera built in

  • The 8800 has a (very good!) GPS built in.

  • The 8800 display is wider, and can get a lot more information displayed. Nice.

So its mostly down to the keyboard. I have been using the Pearl since about last november, and really in anger for the last two months. The predictive text is excellent, but you need (a) fingernails and (b) patience, especially with new or technical words. I'm looking forward to typing on the 8800 more. However, the pearl is amazingly convenient in terms of form-factor, and to be quite honest, I wore it around my kneck for most of the last three months. A little gay, I know, (and perhaps in keeping with the new beard) but - hey - its amazingly convenient.

Oh. And on a side note, Lizzie of BlackBerry - on hearing that I'd accidentially dumped Beer on my Pearl (all part of the testing!)) - sent me a rubberised "Skin" (or "Condom") for my Pearl. Well recommended. And you can now purchase them here.

And no. You cant get the old one. My colleagues in HADSL have been incredibly patient with me and my handset hoarding to date - I suspect if I dont distribute them soon, I shall be beaten....

Update. Both my missus and I find the larger form factor of the 8800 more comfortable for extended periods of time, as your thumb seems to just fall onto the thumbwheel trackball - it certainly reduces thumb fatigue.. Odd. I didnt expect *that*..