At "The Shining" motel, in a secret location

Yesterday, Warren and I made the unpleasant trip across the pond in the Continental service from Edinburgh to Newark. Eugh. Its like six hours stuck in Ryanair - no TV, pay for drinks (gasp!) and the seats were *terrible*. However, one bonus - even in cattle class - there were power points. So I plugged in the Blingmaster.. Ah. Not powerful enough to actually power the blingmaster. Pants. So I slept.

We picked up a car (as usual, Hertz had screwed up and given us a boat without GPS, before finally sending us to the outer reaches of the lot and a Ford Taurus), got lost a few times and finally picked our way through the Massachusets 'burbs to the Shining Motel. Lovely. And now for three days of pure geekery - all under NDA - with some of the smartest guys in the business. As well as me.

The good news is that the 15mb pipe to the room works well, and this hotel has a hot tub open till 11pm. So various geeks (not including me) ended up shuttling between the bar and the hot tub.. Mmm..