Live Blogging from SNUG 2007

IMG00076.jpgGraeme Clark of Standard life kicked off, and Darren is doing a very quick summary of the new releases and tools.

Quick piece of gossip. 10pm last night, the fire alarms went off in the George Hotel, and the occupants invited outside. Now this hotel is very popular with the more well off tourist, so the street suddently filled up with slightly older American tourists in their PJ's. So the staff had to produce silver foil blankets to keep them warm. Then offered them sparkling water.. It was only when the hotel started handing out whisky that the mood lifted..

"Another beta for Notes 8 before ship - possibly this month" -- Darren.

IMG00075.jpgPhew. As you can tell, it was a good, busy, day, and ended up in All-Bar-One in George Street. Much chat, etc. And then supper with Steve Castledine, Warren, Paul, Kitty, Mike Smith and Kittys Brother.. Then another bar.. Then another bar.. then.... IMG00074.jpg

IMG00082.jpgEdinburgh Waverley station is a very strange place at 4.30am, and I slept mostly on the train back to the house.. And I made it into work on Friday (Happy Birthday Louise!), and did lots of useful stuff.. I *did* sleep for 18 hours on Friday night though..