iLug 2007.. Finished..

Its saturday. My body is broken, my feet are in agony, I'm basically shattered. But hell iLug2007 was fun!

Much longer post coming soon, but a quick thank you to:

  • The other organisers - Paul , Eileen , Warren , Kitty , Duff and the "Groupie" Matt White . Guys. You were amazing. And none of us actually killed each other.

  • Volker Weber

  • The IBM'mers - Alan Lepofsky , Mary Beth , Mark Sexton, Darren Adams . Wow. Amazing.

  • The rest of the sponsors. Without you, we couldnt have done this. Thank you.

  • The delegates. Amazing folks. They came from 22 countries for two intensive days. And made the event a lot of fun.

So - same again next year ?