Its 2am...

Most of the iLug crew are in Dublin now - one sleeping like a doormouse after a very long plane trip (and only his second time outside the USA), and another languishing in some pain in the bath.

The last of the prints have just been packed, and I'm now trying to pack my own clothes. Just the t-shirts to pick up tomorrow, and to get my flight to Dublin. Then the madness can *really* begin!

Madness ? Well, the ex-Project Diamond drinking team will be there in force - missing the Ambassador of course. Lots of geeks, a geek dinner and a geek bus trip on the Saturday morning just to test the resolve of those hangovers.

BIG announcements from IBM on Thursday morning (fingers crossed) and of course 2 days, three tracks and eight sessions of quality geekery.

Despite the lack of sleep, I'm really looking forward to this one. 200+ delegates, another 75 sponsors and speakers. Two fun-filled social nights, and a weekend in Dublin to recover afterwards. Then home for two whole days, and then off to Bawston for the Penumbra meeting in Westford, and then the The View conference the week afterwards.

I've got to admit, life could be a little less full at the moment, but I'm sure in three weeks time, when I have nothing to look forward to bar the long drive to work each day, I'll miss it.

Oh, and lots of solid customers for FirM who are finding it very difficult to get a hold of me. Sorry -normal service wll be resumed very soon, I promise.