Jimmy Carr - Gag Reflex...

I dragged the missus out to see Jimmy Carr last night. So after an average (but extremely well serviced - two waiters almost came to blows whilst fighting to pick up a plate!) "Jimmy Chungs", we sidled along to the Music Hall in Aberdeen to see Jimmy...

I've not seen him live before. How can I categorise it. Well, "Clever", "agressive", and "obscene".. Funny though. His style seems to mimic the american Steve Wright (not the Radio 2 Snooze DJ) in that theres' no overarching framework (aside from a toe curling "agony aunt" section) - its all a bunch of one liners. And such was the quantity, I can barely remember one.. He got the biggest applause for slagging off Dundee..

Tony at work here mentioned he'd seen him live, and a large part of the act seems to be picking on someone in the front row. This time, a footballer called "Steven" got the brunt of the action. Its a shame (as Tony says) - he's got some good material but cant seem to deliver it without crucifying some schmuck in the front row.

Best audience participation came when a group came in late - Jimmy questioned them why, and they responded "We thought there was a support act".. Ah. No.

Venue wise, the music hall is similar to a wee village hall. Bad acoustics, terrible sight-line (especially if there are "tall" folks in front), and the two aisle seats were - well, not on an aisle. Unless you count the two inch gap between my seat and the wall as an Aisle. During the break, everyone tried to (a) go outside for a fag and (b) get a drink. So if you drove down Union Street (the main drag) and saw about 2,000 people, huddled on the front steps, frantically puffing and wondered - well, thats what happened. And as for the queue at the bar - forget it.

Good night, venue aside. Would I recommend him again ? Well. Its Aberdeen. You really dont get a lot of folks venturing north of the central belt in Scotland. So you take what you get really.