BlackBerry MDS Studio - updated

In between crushing deadlines, and massive amounts of work, my current client asked to see if I could - in the space of an hour or so - provide a technology demonstration. They wanted to be able to view and perhaps act upon information held in their main customer tracking database from their BlackBerries.

"No problem", I said, cracking my knuckles and grinning.

One test environment build later - Domino 8 server, domino 7.0.2 with Sametime 7.5.1 server, one Notes 8 client and BlackBerry MDS Studio, and I was in business.

There's been a refresh to MDS Studio recently:

  • As well as Webservice connections, you can now connect directly to Oracle and MS SQL databases.

  • From memory, MDS studio wasn't particularly good at dealing with changes to the web service (I may be wrong here). Not anymore. You can now quite happily use LotusScript to create web services in Domino 7 and above, and then do a refresh on MDS studio to pick up new services. Very cool.

  • The simulators now include Pearls, 8800's etc. I've not had time to investigate the integration level that MDS studio has yet - for instance, can I write an App that interacts with the BlackBerry mapping and GPS on the 8800 ? We shall see.

  • And at the recent WEP conference, Rim announced that MDS studio can now run within Visual Studio. Which I'm fairly ambivalent about - I dont mind switching IDE's. However, there's a lot of poorly paid .net programmers out there who might be very excited about this.

If your interested, I have a presentation on Domino Apps and BlackBerry which you can download from here.

Oh - and the demo - well, I started showing off and took two hours instead of one - and of course it doesnt encompass all application functionality - but its sweet...