Still very busy

Its been another manic couple of weeks, but the pile of stuff in the in-tray is slowly diminishing. I have another three presentations to Nail for the view, another pile of code for FirM, a couple of BlackBerry proposals to write - and then.. Then, I can actually focus on real paying work for a change, and start a new contract in the Granite City itself. In the centre of town, no less.. Amazing..

Codewise, I've been doing a lot recently with Domino and Web services - that is, writing Web Services in LotusScript and domino hosting them. Very very slick - and surprisingly robust.. So much so that I have to retract my previous assertions that you may run out of steam on them..

Other excitement has been provided by BlackBerry, and doing SQL Migrations, corporate site meetings, and now working on a failover solution. Interesting stuff. I can now install a BES server with my eyes shut, and now live off the wee Pearl device.. Expect to see some java-based apps from me when I finally get ahead of present commitments.

And speaking of present commitments, I attended the Lotusphere comes to you in Edinburgh, which was hosted by CES Services in Edinburgh. A very well attended event, held at Dynamic earth. Some good presentation stuff from a host of IBMmers who came up for the day. Granted, it was all summary stuff, and all "Looksee whats coming down the pipe"..

As opposed to the hard-tech stuff that will happen at the Scottish Notes user group event in May 3rd, at the George Hotel in Edinburgh. Contact Claire Woodbury to register for this event. The agenda's looking really good:

Lotus collaboration strategy update Darren Adams
Customer case study Lochcarron and Kelros
Blackberry with Domino roadmap Jennifer Ortiz, RIM
Notes and Expeditor on Linux Pete Hampton and Soheel Chughtai
Customer case study Doncasters and ThroughBox IT
Blogging with Lotus Notes and Domino Steve Castledine
The afternoon will be split into Admin and Developer Tracks:
DevBlast - 30 LotusScript tips Bill Buchan
Consuming web services from Domino Scott Cochrane
Best practices in developing and deploying Notes applications in a regulatory environment TeamStudio
Admin Track:
Admin Blast Paul Mooney
Automating administrative tasks with agents and formulas Warren Elsmore

Amazing, eh ?

After that comes the amazing Irish Lotus User Group on May 23-24. Its waitlisted now, but I'm sure if you have more than 50k users, someone will squeeze you in..

Then I'm off to a Penumbra meeting in Boston, followed by the View Developer 2007 conference. I'm doing five presentations this time.. Now that should be fun!

See. I am busy...!