Taking Notes Podcast 55 - The Irish User Group event.

takingNotesPodcastLogo.pngThe Taking Notes podcast Crew - Bruce and Julian - interviewed Paul Mooney and Myself regarding the Irish Lotus User Group event on the 24th-25th of May 2007.

As you can imagine, the four of us had difficulty in keeping the laughing to an acceptible level. I think we probably spent 75 minutes on the podcast, of which Bruce's editing took it to an acceptible podcast length. After announcing some even newer, even cooler stuff for ILUG, Bruce and Julian asked Paul and I for our best "Worst Practice" stories. So something in there for everyone..

Oh. Remember. You DONT need an iPod to listen to a podcast. You can use iTunes to just listen to this on your computer if you like - I find this the simplest way - but there are lots of ways to download and listen to podcasts. Go get the Taking Notes podcast - Bruce and Julian do an excellent job. For instance, I recently spent a good 10 hours driving a rental car home last week. And the brilliant thing is that I just plugged my iPod in and listened to a number of these on the journey. Class. Good work guys!