Awesome Quickr 8 news!

Its been my pleasure to get to know Rob Novak during my time in Penumbra. An amazing guy - really works hard - usually gets the "ironass" award at Lotusphere, The View, and so forth - for the most amount of sessions given.

So whilst its not really surprising, its still incredible that Rob and his guys at Snapps can still do this:

IBM has contracted with Design Partner SNAPPS to accelerate the development of eleven new templates ("placetypes" in Lotus Quickr terms) that will be available free to licensed Lotus Quickr users.  Each of them has a different purpose, is being designed with modularity in mind, and makes use of the latest in Web 2.0 technologies.  In addition, IBM has acquired the rights to incorporate SNAPPS' open-source templates developed a few months ago for QuickPlace 7 into Lotus Quickr 8.  So out of the box, you will see IBM Lotus Quickr versions of QDoc, QBlog, and QWiki.  The team here and at IBM are hard at work on both the integration and the new templates.....

Check this stuff out!