The Irish User group is NOT YET on Waitlist status...


Its NOT YET now on Waitlist status. But dont worry, if you still want to go, just complete the registration process. Usually conference like this - especially free ones- have a 10% or so drop out rate. So the folks on the waitlist may still be able to go. More news on this next week.

Now dont fear. Rumours have it that the next Scottish Notes User group will probably meet in Edinburgh in early May. As this firms up, I'm sure there'll be more information on this. Kudos to Darren Adams, Graham at Standard life, and Warren Elsmore for putting a whole lot of effort into this..

What - wont both events be the same ? Well, perhaps not. The SNUG meeting will be for a day, and I'm guessing will be a single-track event. So its much more about networking, figuring out what the user group will do, and organising local events. A slightly different focus from where ILUG is at now - which is a two-day, multi-track mini-Lotusphere europe..