Life on Fast-Forward

When my daughter was born - almost 18 years ago (god, I feel old!) I felt that someone had stuck the fast-forward button down on my life. After a few years, you could manage with this new multi-threaded, multi-demand lifestyle. However, after this week, I feel that this mysterious diety has upgraded to a new DVD player, and instead of merely running at 2x speed, is now running at 8x speed. For instance, this week:

  • I spent three days at EntwicklerCamp, in Gelsenkirchen, Germany. Now, three days at a conference, with only two speaking slots mean that I should have had a whole bunch of work done. However, I spent so much time talking to people, and generally being exhausted that I didnt. The upshot of this was when on Tuesday night, I had the opportunity to sit in a room with 160 geeks drinking *free* beer (Its a very good conference, by the way!), I actually ducked out, went to my room, ran a bath, and read a very good book. Am I gettting old ? This has been the first time in months that I actually had any time to myself.. So I selfishly took it.

    Apologies to the attendees of my BlackBerry workshop. I spent the previous three hours downloading the latest copy of the BlackBerry MDS Studio (very good, you should get it!) that I didnt have time to install it on Vista. Guess what? To install it on vista, you *have* to be running as an Adminstration-equivalent user - not a normal user (and then elevate the shortcut to "Run as Administrator". PITA. So I ended up having one of the delegates drive as I talked through it. Despite my obvious failure to prepare and test (for which I'm deeply ashamed) we did manage to get eight people through the workshop, and everything else worked. Its a cool session - the slides are on my presentations page..

  • I then went back via the railway to Amsterdam. For the first time ever in Germany in my experience, a train was *late*, leaving me in Oberusel station for four hours. Where I found a very nice bar in the station, read another book, ate pizza. The connection at schipol was tight, and I had to taxi and run to make my easyjet flight. Which landed 15 minutes early..

  • I then had to drive from Liverpool John Lennon Airport (quite nice, very efficient - obviously not a BAA airport then!) in my Hertz ford focus (again, good service - 3 minutes to get the keys) to the Village hotel in Warrington - site of the Lotusphere comes to you on the Thursday. When I finally got to the hotel - without actually getting lost -they had ran out of rooms, but kindly found a room at the DeVeere hotel near the motorway.. After another 30 minutes of pratting around, I had driven there, checked in, anf found the bar. After another 20 minutes, actually managed to get connected to the Wifi, had a few beers and caught up on life.

  • Thursday was very good. I got to the Triangle office in Warrington, to find Ed and Stuart Macintyre ready to roll. I did a presentation on saving money using Firm and I think we were all finished by 3pm. Nice.

  • At which point, Ed and I decided to do the tourist thing in Liverpool. We actually found (despite having no maps and never been there before) a garage, the Cavern club, and a reasonably nice italian restaurant. A good wee trip.

  • After all that, I then had to drive the 350 miles or so to home, up the M6. The detour to Liverpool meant that I started on the M6 around 7pm, thus missing the traffic, so it was just a case of plugging my iPod into the stereo, and listening to four or five podcasts. Actually very pleasant drive. Despite spending an hour in Dundee trying to find the Hertz car rental return.

Phew. So - busy,. A good week, but I've just caught up on blogs, sleep, etc.

Its quite frustrating doing all this stuff - I dont get to actually sit and do cool code as often as I'd like - hence my lack of SNTT posts recently. Dont worry, as soon as life has slowed down to below 4x speed, I have a whole bunch of stuff I want to talk about..