Pearl GPS Fun

I'm making a flying visit to Londinium in the next few days, and thought it about time to enable Blackberry maps on my Pearl. As you may recall, a few years ago I hooked up a cheap (like < £30!) Bluetooth GPS puck to my O2 XDA Windows Mobile phone. This made an acceptible - if power hungry - GPS solution for my (motorbike)bike, and indeed got me from Scotland to Nice and back (with a few adventures).

Now. I upgraded the Pearl to the latest firmware (No pressing need - just wanted to. Its a "geek itch" thing) and found, because I'd swiped the link (from Vowe) for the ltalian Pearls, I'd got a hold of BlackBerry maps. Cue 20 minutes cursing and swearing, blowing dust off cardboard boxes in the barn, and then I found the GPS puck..

Now this GPS puck is cheap. About the size of two boxes of matches, with an internal battery which is good for 20+ hours. It then has a bluetooth interface to the outside world. So you can put it in the back of your car (most cars have spare "power sockets" in the boot area) and just leave it plugged in and active all the time. One other thing to remember is that pairing this with the O2 XDA2 took a while, and much fiddling.

Me of little faith. I just paired it, went to BlackBerry maps, said "start GPS", and within a minute had my position on the ground. Handy, eh...?

It does directions, which I'll try out on foot this week. Should be fun.

BlackBerry maps, it should be said, is not available on UK BlackBerry phones (to the best of my knowlege). I dont know why (yet). Perhaps its because at one stage it came up with "Aberdeen, England" as my starting location ? .... ;-)