Big-Mac-Time ?

In a mere 40 days, my existing business lease on the blingmaster comes to an end, freeing up valuable funds to the purchase of a new laptop... So. Another dell/lenovo/tosh running XP or Vista, or a MacBook/MacBook Pro with Tiger/Leopard.. ?

I'm used to a HUGE screen. The Blingmaster runs 1900x1200. It scares me to think of anything less than 1400 pixels wide. I break out in hives at 1024x768. Does this mean I *have* to consider the macbook PRO insteead of the dinky Macbook? Is it worth waiting for Leopard ? Should I get a Mac Mini at the same time? Is it worth going for the 100gb 7200rpm hard drive, or the 160gb 5400 rpm hard drive ? Is it that much slower ?

Part of me - the part that has to build windows services, or use Cisco Firewall software, or Windows Remote Desktop - is scared. Unusually, the whole "Office Documents" is a non-issue for me - OpenOffice is far far better. And notes mostly runs on Mac with 7.0.2.. Okay, I might have to wait till 8.0.1 again for the Eclipse based front end, but I'm willing to suffer for my art.. Its the "I'll need a vmware partition with Visual Studio 2005, etc, etc".

Why Switch? There's a part of me thats just truly SICK AND TIRED of having to fix windows issues, day in and day out. Even Vista - that bloated "XP WIth Lipstick" DRM imposing O/S... Every time I do anything "Do you want to do this?", "Really?", "Really Really?". Just drives me nuts.. We waited FIVE years for Vista, and to be quite honest, we shouldnt have bothered.