LSX - The LotusScript Extension Toolkit.

LSX's are compiled libraries (DLL's in windows) that allow you to hack write C++ code that then links in with LotusScript. Very very handy for doing platform integration stuff. Now, its not been terrifically well supported, but recently Bob Balaban - back in the saddle at Westford - has asked folks to contribute.

(In addition, I have a presentation on this very stuff here. )

As part of an ongoing AD project, I have an AD "picker" - this allows you (from LotusScript) to prompt the user to select Active Directory objects or containers.

One BIG issue with the LSX toolkit is that it didnt compile under Visual Studio 2005. It was fine under VS2003, and C++ v6. But not 2005.

Late last night, I finally hunted down the issue. The "LSUNICHAR" object was being defined as a SHORT UNSIGNED, instead of a "wchar-t" (a Unicode Character). So - Line 209 of lsdefine.h, I changed the definition to:

    typedef wchar_t LSUNICHAR; /* Unicode */

And it seems to work. Now - NOTE that this is a specific hack to get it running on a windows-only platform, with VS2005. This will undoubtedly break stuff intended for other platforms, etc. So usual caveats apply. You Are On Your Own, No Support, Try before you buy and of course "May Contain Nuts".