As usual around this time of a new release, I point out to folks that its still in beta, and to start turning those wild expectations from all that slideware, into something more concrete. Whilst remembering that this is beta code, will be slower than production, and will be more fragile.. So curb those wild expectations, mh'uh ?

On saying that, my new Notes 8 client and mail file - wow.. Love it. Stuff has moved - for instance "File, Replicate".. but hey - we wanted a simpler end-user interface right.

Once loaded (which is my way of saying its probably a little slower than you expected), its snappy. Far snappier opening HTML mail, which is cool. Very very nice stuff.

Oh and if you have the misfortune of running under Vista, you might have to run the program as Administrator - I did (mind you, my disk subsystem is completely borked.. )

Like it.