When I head to parties theres always a number of fears. Will anyone else go? Will the drink run out? "Wheres the Rum Gone?" Am I wearing the correct attire? Does my Bum look Big in this? Shall I embarrass myself/my spouse/the human race?

Well, the latest party is going strong. To the extent that the venue is trashed, everyone is out on the lawn looking for drinks, and even though the sun is coming up - looking for more.

Real life, second life or professional life? Ah. The latter again. The Notes 8 Beta has went public, and we're all trying to download.

If it went really quickly, I'd be worried that only one or two chaps were downloading. Making me rather sad. If it went reliably, I'd think "Hmm, The host has correctly anticipated numbers".

Well. Notes 8 / Lotusphere took down Second life on 21st of January. We've just managed to take down the IBM Download servers. Yes! We drank the wine, the beer, the whisky, and the rather dangerous old-sticky-bottles from the back of the booze cabinet. The venue is trashed, and the police has been called.


So who says interest in Notes is waning ?

(Snigger... Next time you speak to someone from Microsoft, just ask about their share price... )

Frustrated ? Well, find something else to do for a while. I, for instance, .have my daughter hitting 18 this weekend. Hence the radio silence..

Cool party, dudes...!