Be careful what you wish for

About five years ago, I decided that I could speak at conferences. It took a while, but I presented at Lotusphere 2005-2007, the View last year, EntwickerCamp and so forth. Its now part of my life. To the extent that I sat in the back of Lotusphere Comes to you yesterday, listening to some very interesting stuff coming down the line from lotus, and in between cycles, revising my presentation. And then stood up and presented.

Nerves ? Of course. When you *stop* having nerves, then you fail. Nerves keep you honest, get the adrenaline surging, keeps you sharp.

This week - two Lotusphere comes to you. Next week - Entwickercamp 2007 in Germany, and another Lotusphere comes to you. May - iLug 2007, a Penumbra meeting and a View conference in Boston.

Its getting difficult fitting work in between the conference events.. !

Now, why do I mention this ? Well, the Scottish Notes User group will probably have an event soon, and given all my experience helping out with the Irish Notes User Group, I hope that this will be a roaring success.

Why the enthusiasm ? Well. If you've not yet seen Notes 8, Lotus Connections and Quickr, I suggest you get yourself along to a Lotusphere comes to you - very quickly. Why... ?

Lets imagine for a second that you've been in a long-term relationship. Marriage, whatever. The kids have been, and soon may be going. The In-Laws - who always hated you (and actually pushed you towards other women) - you dislike. The love of your life - well, s/he's getting on a bit. Saggy. Not pretty. Fantastic by the way, but no longer the bombshell that she was.

You of course being a moral person, would never do the dirty. But its been a slog. No longer fun. Occassional "dont fancy yours much" jibes from the spotty-faced youths at work.

Suddently, your partner returns from a break abroad. Younger looking, fit, tanned. A whole body swap, in fact. And she has suddenly aquired twin sisters, of equal beauty. Bonus: The In-laws love you now. The kids dont understand, of course, and the spotty faced youth at work has gone all sullen and grumpy. You, however, are in seventh heaven. Cancelled the hooters calendar subscription, and started coming home early from the pub.

Well. This is not my personal life. This is my professional life. Notes - my long term partner - well. She's been tucked, trimmed, lipo'd, exfoliated. A complete makeover. But she's still the rather interesting person behind this new facade. Some new tricks, of course. But the old ones still work. The in-laws - IBM - well, they cant get enough of her. The twin sisters - Quickr, and Connections. No talk of the ugly cousin -Workplace -anymore.

And the sullen pimply faced teenager ? Why - that would be MS. Who had sooo long (and so much money, and so much resource) to show us poor old farts in the Notes world how collaboration works. And have yet to deliver. Let me tell you - Quickr just makes Sharepoint look like an ugly sister. Ouch.

Me ? I'm enjoying every minute of this.