Lotusphere Comes to You

Yesterday, I was a speaker at the Lotusphere Comes to you, at Triangles HQ in Minstead Casle. John Mill was kind enough to pick me up in one of his landies, and took me on a local tour afterwards. And on Friday I'm also speaking in Threadneedle Street, London.

Lotusphere comes to you is an excellent chance to catch up and learn about the whole raft of new product thats coming down the pipe from Lotus this year. Yesterday, Brendan Tutt of IBM did an excellent job of summarising it all in under two hours - its well worth catching up with.

In terms of Lotusphere Comes to You in the UK, I'm aware of the following future dates:

  • 22nd February - LAN 2 LAN (Woking)

  • 23rd February - Triangle (DNS - Formerly Intechnology, London) - hosted by Darren Adams

  • 1st March - Triangle (Warrington) - hosted by Ed Brill.

Well recommended.