Skype Olympia PSTN and VoiP phone

As I'm spending more time at home these days, I thought it about time to sort out a decent office phone. So one quick trip to aria, and for 44 quid + VAT, I got an Olympus PSDN and VOIP phone.

Its a cordless handset - with impressive range. Like it works at the bottom of my garden - a good 75 yards/m away.

And once I'd figured out that you need the latest software, and to run Skype as "Administrator" in Vista, it works a treat. Recommended.

This should prevent the "Skype Headset Scramble" that blights so many VOIP calls to me..

I note that you now - also from Dualphone/RTX Telecom get a 10baseT version which does Skype only, without requiring a PC. I might get one of those for the Missus, to cut down the cost of overseas calls back home..