Top Gear - Class

I think I just watched the funniest episode of Top Gear ever. No, Seriously. Funnier than the Rocket Powered Mini down Lilliehammer. Funner than even the Toyota Pickup Truck. Funnier than the races. (Part one of this race has been removed)

They went to America - Miami - and purchased cars for $1,000 or less. And drove them to New Orleans. Before passing the border into Alabama, their challenge was to write slogans on each others cars that would get the other short or arrested. They included:

  • Hillary for President

  • Country and Western is Rubbish

  • Nascar Sucks

  • Man Love Rules

All was fine - aside from some hard looks - on the freeway. When they stopped for Gas - well, the Gas Station owner shouted at them, and then said "I'll get the boys". Truckload of chaps arrive, and they start throwing stones.

Its good to see that Intolerance is gaining in the deep south. Just glad they used stones - they were just playing - as opposed to bullets.

Funny. I dont know when it'll make it onto YouTube.

For the finale, they drove through 15 miles of still-devestated New Orleans, and then tried to give the cars away. Before being shook down by a lawyer, and threated by a truck load of guys...