Dan Lyons. One great man, one great opinion

Dan Lyons is at it again. Spouting on his opinion on Lotus Notes without actually talking about the technology. At least in this article, he's combined his irrational hatred of Linux and Notes in one. This will be interesting.

Why the invective ? Well, he probably once saw Notes sometime last century, and decided that since he was so important, he would rid the world of Notes. And keep fluffing the Microsoft alternative. Some time ago - perhaps last century - then there might have been some merit in this. SEVEN years later - he's still got the same message, but the positions have completely changed. Pity his message hasnt.

The shame is that he somehow is able to write for Forbes magazine. I wonder why they let him publish fact-free articles like this ?

Disclaimer: I was telephone interviewed by Dan Lyons over the Radicati incident, but disallowed him to publish after one too many "When did you stop beating your wife" style questions.

Update: Thought I'd put up a believable Forbes Front Page!