Francie's Travel Karma

Picture_1563_1.jpgThe Picture is of Francie - one of the smartest most resillient people I know. Fantastic fun to be with. But she has one awful, deep, dark secret. Bad Travel Karma.

Yes. Anytime she flies anywhere, she brings bad luck to herself and all fellow travellers. Pity the fool on a timetable sitting next to Francie. For instance, of all the speakers travelling yesterday (and despite being de-bad-karma'd by Ninia):

  • Two missed their flight and had an unscheduled overnight in Frankfurt

  • Spanky lost his hat

  • I turned up SIX Hours early, had a flight cancelled and was almost thrown out of heathrow airport.

  • The hotel that we stayed at had a power failure just after she left.

  • One speaker collapsed on a plane, and had his chest shaved, etc.

  • She herself almost missed her flight and two friends had to pack her room for her.. She got home and was amazed that her luggage made it with her!

So if you see her on a plane with you - just be warned..

The poor thing is moving house today - just after getting off a 24 hour flight - so hope that goes well..