William Gibson: Pattern Recognition

My life is full at the moment. More work than I can shake a stick with, politics galore at Penumbra. Sleeping less than 6 hours a night, and fighting terminal exhaustion at each turn. So this morning, after an unsuccessful lie-in, I thought "sod it", and looked at the pile of 'feel good' purchased from Amazon that came in this week.

Top of the pile were a number of William Gibsons. William Gibson predicted the fully connected, immersive internet as we know it now, back in the early '80s. I still owe Uncle Rick a debt of gratitude for pointing me at Neurmancer, so long ago.

So with a guily thill, I dive in. And wow. Pattern Reconition is amazing. An updated Mona Lisa Overdrive for the post 9-11 crowd. Slightly dated in terms of technology - this one isnt meant to be science fiction.

The precis is that the hero of the story - Cayce - is a marketing freelancer, and strangely allergic to trademarks. Something I can identify with - and sucked into a plot by the super-rich to find something. The something is a number of still images from a literally fractured brain.. And thanks to chance encounter along the way, and the mysterious channelling of her dead father - she manages to find the maker..

The sign of a really good book is that strange disorientated feel of achievement and connection at the end - something I've missed for too long. Well, since the last Le Carre, at least.

Recommended. And just doing some work now to assuage my guilt, before opening 'Spook Country', and 'Learning jQuery'..