Lotusphere Sessions!


The gods of Lotusphere have smiled kindly on me again, and awarded me two speaking slots:

  • Worst Practices: The Best of the Worst - with my long suffering and more-talented, younger and far prettier speaking partner - Paul. This time, I promise, I'll be on stage before him.

  • Web Services Bootcamp. Now this a jumpstart - a whole two hours - and concentrates on the many many different ways of constructing web service servers, and consuming web services in Lotus Domino and Lotus Notes. Yes - here's much more than just the Lotusscript server and consumer...

Wow. Really looking forward to it, and unlike the previous few years, I dont have five or six sessions to prep for. I might even get to go to sessions this time!

If you've not booked yet - get your finger out. Your already out of luck in terms of on-site hotels..