Leopard: The good, the bad and the ugly

I waited till I had sorted out a full backup (using Super Duper!) of my MacBook pro till I installed Leopard - Warren beat me to it by an hour. So how did it go ?

  • Installation time was about 69 minutes. Sling in the DVD, reboot, and go. Excellent.

  • I use the secure file space stuff within MacOs, and that went without a hiccup.

  • Tabbed browsing in Safari. Yeah! I'll still use firefox for development stuff - you just cant beat all those tools. Nice to see Safari catching up. Update: Volker quite rightly points out that Safari has had tabbed browsing from day one. My Bad. I just hadnt seen it work for me till leopard.. D'oh!

  • Active Directory was a PITA in Tiger. My Active Directory domain ended in ".local" (as most AD Domains installed since win2k3 recommended). So within Tiger, since the Bonjour Zero-configuration defaulted to ".local" hostname suffixes, confusion reigned. I - in the end - had to load FTP servers to get onto my fileserver shares. And I couldnt connect to my printer. A huge PITA. Leopard ? Worked first time, without any configuration. Nice.

  • And the ugly ? Parallels v3.0 - build 5160. Installed Leopard, started parallels, and crashed the machine. Nashy. So, on reading various threads including this one established that folks did have it working on leopard, but you had to un-install and reinstall. After 3 minutes faffing, parallels is now working. Phew. (Lots of other folks use VMWare fusion, and by all accounts this is fine. I run both just to see which one works best. VMWare gets my vote on stability, and Parallels gets a vote on integration. So its pretty evenly matched. If your just starting out, I'd recommend VMWare just to get it running on Leopard.)

  • Spaces - the implemenation of multiple desktops thats been in Linux for years - is nice. Fast too. Now using one space for Mac, and one for Parallels. (I do miss my 1900x1200 screen - 1400x900 is still quite cramped, but spaces is making it less painful)

What certainly didnt help my blood pressure today was my wireless ADSL router deciding to reset to factory defaults this afternoon. Much head-scratching before I figured it wasnt the Mac.. Oh - and set up Ubuntu 7.10 (Gibbon) on my two old laptops. I'm a fedora man, and wasnt looking forward to it. I shouldnt have worried. Ubuntu is the nicest Linux distro its been my pleasure to install yet. Well recommended!

Oh. Squids boyfriend argues that Vista is better than OS/X. Ah. Sorry son. I spent three hours getting Leopard working the way I wanted. I gave up on Vista after beating my head against it for two months.