The UKLUG conference


Just had time to put finger to keyboard to say just how good the hadsl were sponsors, and would just like to personally thank Warren , Kitty , Paul Mooney , Matt White , Mike Smith , Frank Docherty , and Julian Woodward for making it such an excellent day. Those guys worked like daemons to deliver a fantastic day up at ComputaCenter. There was a hands-on workshop which I know Paul Mooney spent almost every spare minute (and he doesnt have many of those) on, and despite only getting the passwords for the machines at 9am, had a full product suite lab up and running for the entire day.

Kevin Kavenagh from Lotus - recently (and much deservedly so!) promoted and en-route to Moscow freely gave his time in the bar the night before, and gave us all an insight into whats coming down the line. And can I just say, that Lotus are on a roll at the moment. The stuff thats coming out has more than overtaken the opposition.. Lotusphere - with new versions of most product (I can think of Notes, Domino and QuickR for three) - will be the best in years. Perhaps best ever.

How good was the event ? The sheer fatigue etched in the faces of the organisers at the end of the day says it all.

Looking forward to next year already..