Notes 703 for the Mac

Woo-hoo. Notes 703 for the Mac is out and allegedly runs Java agents. Only 10 years after Java was put into the server and the Windows client - 10 years after Bob Balabans book. Still. better late than never... I've been running the Mac client for a few months now, and whilst its not the most polished client in the world, is okay. In other words, okay enough till we get Notes 801 for the Mac next year. Hopefully, *early* next year.

(In fairness, from what little (and possibly incorrect) information I receive, it may have had to wait on various Java gubbins and Leopard to get the Lotus Expiditor framework working. When I spotted Keven C in Westford, presenting using a 17" pro, I kinda got the feeling it wasnt because they didnt *want* a fantastic client for the mac..)

So. Pop Quiz. Upgrade to Leopard. This week or next week ?