BlackBerry News

A few snippets from yesterday's Connect with the Experts BlackBerry Conference:

  • BlackBerry JDE v4.3 is imminent.. Lots of new feaures.

  • Did you know that BlackBerry v4.2 devices (ones with trackballs) have an integrated RSS reader, as well as the ability to automatically refresh pages ? And have a "desktop mode" where you can see images full-size, and scroll righ and left? Neither did I.

  • You can quite easily develop BlackBerry Web Push agents that push HTML content onto devices.

  • Lots of talk of Argon - the next BES server. Lots of API's, web based, a scheduler server, active directory integration, nested groups and so forth.

  • Wi-fi and UMA. If you dont know what this is - find out. Basically - connect your mobile phone to your carrier network over wifi. Bye Bye Roaming Charges ?

  • New Built for Blackberry site ofering partner applications, which nicely compliments Handango

  • My attempt to inject a picture of a fruit-based alcohol product onto my slide presentation was caught and stopped, however my sample application - 'Football Scores' did somewhat focus on the misfortunes of the English football team. And my South Africa Rugby Background went down well too. Ahh well.