Lotusphere 2007 - the Business Partner Showcase is full!

Last year, the BP Showcase had to be redesigned THREE times in order to get all the exhibitors in. And now:

Hot off the press. The current exhibit floor is full! But we'd hate to see you miss being part of the excitement of the Lotusphere 2007 Product Showcase, so contact us. We're adding a few more exhibitor spots, taking advantage of every empty nook and cranny!

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Thank the lord that we booked our stand - #326 - as soon as Lotussphere opened!

Being from Europe, this part of the show is the only real chance I have to see all the vendors, and all the products. Some notables from last year:

  • DNA from Trust-Factory. Want to see exactly who is using what resources on your enterprise Notes Network? These guys have scanned over 500,000 actual users in customer environments around the world, and they can scan yours. They helped one of the top-35 customers in Europe (*cough* Sense and Sensibilty *cough) redeploy their 120,000 user application server environment.

  • Client Genie from ICODEX - extend the same level of control you have over your servers, right down to your clients. Consolidating environements ? Let Client-Genie fix the workstation icons, replicator pages and bookmarks. No-one else can!

  • Team Studio. Check out their new Build Manager. Oh, and download the free Class Browser too!

See you there!