Lotusphere 2007 is coming!


I'm pumped. Its going to be a brillant show - interest is WAY up this year, the Yacht club is back in action, and I'm booked solid with Parties....

Did I say Parties ? Yes. For the first year EVER, you'll be able to view, book and schedule your own parties via your BlackBerry! My very good mate, Jason Hook, has spent two months of blood, sweat and tears to bring you CraicBerry 2007 - the Party Planner for the BlackBerry. Its free, its cool, and it'll make sure that you NEVER have to stand at the bar with your boss, sucking up to him ever again!. Check it out here!

What else ? HADSL have a stand at Lotusphere - for our product FirM. Its on Pedestal #326 - right next to OpenNtf - so swing by and say Hi! We're giving away our world famous, redesigned Domino set, our exclusive squidgy balls, and for the lucky few - a weeee refreshment.

I"m speaking again at Lotusphere - but dont let that put you off. My schedule looks like:

  • AD505 - "DevBlast - 30 LotusScript Tips"

    This fast-paced presentation is for the medium-level and higher LotusScript programmer who wants bite-sized lessons from the field. It's presented in three categories, covering tips you should be using, tips you should know, and finally tips that you should be aware of.

  • AD507 - "Leveraging the Power of Object Oriented Programming in LotusScript", co-presented with Jens Augustini

    Object Oriented Programming (OOP) may drastically reduce your coding time in projects that reach a higher degree of complexity, as it brings re-usable and consistent logic in the form of your own objects to your fingertips. This session will show how to create and use your own classes and how they can relate to the LotusScript Object Model. If you are familiar with LotusScript but don't know how to create your own classes, this session is for you!

  • BP301- "Advanced Object Oriented Programming for LotusScript"

    This session starts where the introductory Object Oriented Programming for LotusScript session stops. We'll show advanced encapsulation and inheritance, and demonstrates best practice code reuse with Object Oriented Programming techniques.You'll leave with a fully functional IBM Lotus Notes application containing enterprise features such as error trapping, log levels, code reuse and a far greater understanding of Object Oriented Programming methodology within LotusScript.

  • BP104 - "Worst Practices in IBM Lotus Domino Environments - Learning From the Mistakes of Others", co-presented with Paul Mooney

    Another version of one of the most successful presentations from Lotusphere 2006 - updated with new stories. We'll lead you through the top 20 mistakes seen in live Lotus Domino environments, both from an infrastructure and an application development point of view. All of these mistakes have cost companies around the globe significant amounts of support and downtime costs -- and all could have been prevented. Common mistakes (such as not actually reading documentation), to lack of change control and training, right up to absolute disasters caused by a chain of successive mistakes are deconstructed. This highly amusing session will show you how to avoid making these mistakes in your environment.

  • Remember - all my previous presentations and demos are available on my speakers page!