Five Things you might not know about me..

Damn. Tagged by Dec. If anyone has the right to call me on this, its Dec. Sigh.So.

  1. I grew up in a Fishing Village called Fraserburgh in the North east of Scotland, and went to South Park School. Seriously. During secondary school, I was (against my will) made head of a cult and worshipped.

    (My accent was thickly doric and very very fast. I had difficultly actually being understood outside Fraserburgh and had to modify my accent when I hit University.)

  2. My daughter was born at Simpsons Maternity Pavilion at the Edinburgh Royal Infirmary. (There ends the cartoon-linkup I'm afraid)

    On the morning I registered her birth, I joined one of 10,000 folks walking up the mound, protesting against the Poll Tax. Well, it was on the way to the registry office, you see..

    Happily married for 18 years. Sorry ladies (and some blokes who saw me in the kilt last year). I met my wife whilst I was working part-time in a local supermarket. I stacked cans of beans for three years - and still have my "supermarket feet". Super Feet able to avoid falling cans of beans.

  3. My 73 year old Father players fiddle (though not "Acid Croft") in a Ceilidh band on the Isle of Skye. For Christmas, we gave him a professional digital recording device and are eagerly awaiting his first CD and his first podcast. Oh - and he loves his iPod.

    I did play fiddle to the age of 16, made first-violin at the Grampian Youth Orchestra. My interests then switched to Beer and Girls.

  4. I stood for President of the Edinburgh University Student Association whilst drunk. And unsurprisingly got the lowest votes ever - 73. Thus proving that Science and Politics dont mix. Also was involved in a student radio station whilst there ( *cough* ) and was chased around campus by a man with a spear for my efforts.

    Being a student in Edinburgh was fantastic, and I only wish I could have done it forever...

  5. Was the technical director of the European Lotus cc:Mail user group and only properly switched over to Notes in the v4.x releases.  This was when I was the computer services manager for a £200m a year oil service company (I'm still apologising to the poor folks who had to work for me there).

    Thankfully, I decided that being technical was more fun than wearing a suit, kissing ass to an accountant, and playing politics.

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