BlackBerries, Switching and T-Mobile

Whilst I was away having fun, the slow slow wheels that drive inter-carrier phone transfer ground on.

Amusingly enough, O2 called me and offered me a new deal. A mere £58 and I could keep my number, blackberry and on a business account. "Um", I said, "Thats 20 quid a month more than your advertising on your web site". "Whaaat?". "Oh", she said, "thats the O2 Business on-line sales team. They have different tarrifs, and we cant match them". Oh. "Ah", I pointed out - "you are O2 arent you?"..

Vodafone also called back. "We agree that we've overcharged you" (£300 in two months) - "Here's £50 to stay".. Ahh. Do I really really really appear that dumb ? (Dont answer that).

Best left well alone, I think. Once they've actually sorted themselves out, they might become credible.

And my new T-Mobile SIM card arrived. So this morning, I plugged it in the Pearl, switched on and... "Data Connection Refused". Oh. My. God. Checked the bill - yes - data/business account. Oh well. I have to call them. But first - expecting a long call, I shower, have a toilet break, breakfast, write a will, smoke a cigarette, take some vallium, etc.

Rang the number on the bill, two voice menus later and bingo - a human! Within 2 minutes! Wow! Asked if I had to repeat all my mobile info - "no, you keyed it in".. Shock. A mobile carrier that ACTUALLY uses the number you key in! And I explaned that I had a blackberry contract ("I can see that"), and that I was getting "Data Connection Refused". I was about to say "I dont think my BlackBerry APN has been enabled", when she said "Your BlackBerry APN hasnt been enabled - odd - I'll enable that now. The networks not busy, so switch off, switch on in 10 minutes and it'll be working".

Well bugger me sideways! A normal carrier-telephone support person in the UK who - Gasp - who knows what they're doing! And fixed it. And.. And.. And.. I looked at my watch. 4 minutes. No. I'm dreaming. I pinched myself. "Ow!". No. Not dreaming.

I had to sit down. "I'm sorry", I said, "I've just never - in TEN years - had this level of service from a mobile phone carrier. This is fantastic. Wow... I have to go lie down now"...

But cynical old me - I waited till indeed my lovely little CrackBerry worked - and it is..

Moral of the tale, campers ? T-Mobile appear to have actually trained their staff, and their staff can fix your problems. And 250 minutes voice, 50mb Blackberry a month - all for £25 + VAT. (Handset extra on this deal). And it works. And..

I'm off for another lie down now.. :-)