Lotusphere 2007 - the wrap-up


Back in the comfortable surroundings of my dressing gown, I've had the following thoughts:

  • We wanted a new user interface - one with "sizzle", one to rival the pretty MS UI's. We got em.

  • We wanted a new sharing program to rival Sharepoint 2007. We got it.

  • We wanted IBM to endorse Notes, and to be seen to stop killing Notes. Well, they started this process three years ago, and confirmed it again.

  • We wanted more people at lotusphere, spending money and getting excited. My god, we got that!

  • We wanted a really weak MS spoiler to happen during Lotusphere. We got it, and we destroyed it.

So where does that leave us ? IBM have delivered, and will continue to deliver. If anyone is on the cusp of "migrating" from Notes (that is, moving their mail from to Exchange and leaving their apps on notes) - dont bother. If anyone is seriously considering migrating apps to sharepoint - dont bother. Why spend money and a year just getting the apps onto a new platform - a less secure and non-replicated platform ? Spend the money on something useful.

Wow. I wanted a lot from IBM this year, and they overdelivered. Good work, fellas. Now its down to us.