Lotusphere 2007 - Friday and the long way home


In order to completely avoid London Heathrow and London Gatwick airports, I choose to route via Amsterdam Schipol. And then after that, in order to cut costs I routed via Minneapolis on Northwest. This increased the travel time from 17 hours to 24 hours, but had the added benefit of getting me upgraded to 1st class on the 3 hour internal flight. Nice. And letting me hit the Northwest/KLM Elite lounge - free nibbles and internet. So the stopover time hasnt as horrible as it could be.

All this fell apart when I got to Orlando about three hours early. No northwest lounge, and only 20 bucks in my pocket. So I sat on the floor, next to the only working power adaptor in the airport. For entertainment, the entire terminal got to watch the brattiest kid in the world screaming and punching his mother. Not bad for a 5-year old. She did manage to restrain him with a neat Judo move, but I can only predict pain and anguish in her future.

Once onboard, the Northwest staff were very attentive and made sure that my drinking hand was never empty. Scary stuff.

Minneapolis, and the Bose stand was shut - which is going to be a huge disappointment to Davie's brother in law - I couldnt get a hold of the headphones. Across the Atlantic, and I finally got some sleep - just work up as I flew over my house at 9am. Not bad - I finally got through the door at 4pm. Why oh why cant I parachute down ?

Erratic sleep and wake patterns now.

And the good news? Top Gear was back on air last night, and we all got to see the Hampsters crash in detail. The front right tyre blew out at 280mph. Hence his subsequent attempt to dig to Australia. Lucky, lucky man..