Lotusphere 2007 - The Tuesday.


DSC02555Phew. Will the madness never end ? Up at stupid-o-clock for a BlackBerry Business Partner meeting. Jason came along and kicked me out of bed, and I hooked up with Mike Smith and Ian White - who then promptly won a pearl. Grrr. Anywise - some RIM related news. The new BES server v5 will support clustering (at last!) but will only work with SQL Server based BES installations. No solution as yet for the smaller customers, but watch this space for a possible third-party tool to appear..

On stage for "Advanced Object Orientated Programming" at 11am, so I slunk off and hid in the speakers room and practiced. Now this presentation was the hardest tech that I was doing at lotusphere, and I mistimed the important "middle" stuff, so had to skip some of the horrors of Dynamic loading. Another point - Swan 10 is a medium sized room - around 500 people or so. And it was nearly full - which is incrediblie. This is difficult stuff - so I hope out there - perhaps thanks to my constant nagging about OO - so hopefully a bunch of folks are using these techniques. Excellent.

Oh - and I left my power adaptor on stage at this point. It was then handed over to the Disneybots, and stored in the deep caves under the Dolphin hotel.

Raced across to the Swan for a Penumbra board meeting with Mark and Lance. Phew. I'm now officially on the board as "Head Ferret". (Yeah - its a standing Penumbra joke). Windmilled a lot as folks walked by. Lots of worst practice stories too. Keep em coming - put them on the website!

I had arranged that Les Adams (my ex boss from MICA) pop by and I'd help show him the showcase - he's now in a wheelchair after a really bad motorcycle accident. At that point in time, the business partner showcase was a zoo - so he wasnt having much fun. We sat upstairs and chatted instead. He did say that - as someone who's not been to Lotusphere in five years, there does seem to be an amazing buzz. But as he's now permanently retired on medical grounds, he doesnt miss the zoo of the BP showcase..

A blur between mid-day and 4pm, and back on stage - the MAIN STAGE - for "DevBlast". Now this room is one of the larger ones - 750-1000 people. And I was on the MAIN STAGE. Loved it! The stage is *huge* and the plethora of monitors at the front meant I could see what my screen had from anywhere.. Oh - the music I put on at the start were snippets from Palookaville by Fat Boy Slim. A really "up" album - really gets me buzzing. DevBlast is a really approachable presentation for most programmers - its presented as 3 sets of 10 tips - stuff you *should* be using, stuff you *could* be using, and stuff that you might never use. Cool. (This presentation was Pauls idea from ages ago, and really works.).

I finally wrenched myself away at around 5:30, and spent some time hunting down my power adaptor. After that, I ran over to the Yacht club for a meeting with the Mooney Monster, and a number of very important BlackBerry people. Who did this to my PC..

Oh. My. The BlackBerry party. With a full bar. Nice. And then afterwards, we wended our way to the Dolphin, and then slunk off to bed.