Lotusphere 2007 - The Thursday


Andrew kindly banged on my door and made sure I made the Gurupalooza. Nice man. Got there fresh (ish) and raring to go. I dont know where I got the reserves of stamina from.

Whilst I slumbered, the remains of the party invaded the Bloggers BOF - the podcast is at Chris Millers site here. I note that some of the bloggers are still using hand-rolled RSS readers into Notes. Bear in mind chaps that the example code for AD507 contains an RSS to Domino reading database. So if you want to create a "centralised" news reading site for a bunch of folks at your workplace - this might be a good place to start ?

Gurupalooza. Sat at the back and wasnt required to answer any questions. About half way through realised they were projecting close ups on the panelists faces onto a screen at the side..

Then onto "Beat the Developers". I had a couple of really nasty questions, but after seeing Daniel Nashed go easy on them - they have after all delivered some fantastic product - I decided not to.

Some more hanging around - I think I actually hit the Swan Lunch tent for the first time this week to scooop up a box lunch - and onto the pier to help cheer on the boat race finalists. Great fun.

Heading up to the closing session, and Lance called. "Meet me out front - remember the helicopter trip?". Yikes - I'd forgotten! The very kind people at ICODEX had given myself, Lance and Coen a helicopter trip - and it was NOW. A quick exit (thus missing the closing session) and off to the Heliport (via the airport).


Now I've done helicopters before - but these were big, lumbering workhorses for the North sea. The Heliport in Orlando (beside the Race Rock cafe - you know the place just north of the convention center on International Drive with the monster trucks?) use Ranger-44's. Small, four seaters, single engine. And very agile. Lovely.

I got parked at the front, admiring the ground through the windscreen at my feet...

We swept up over I4, and within 10 seconds were doing 120mph at about 750 feet, heading for Disney. (See a video of the takeoff) All too soon - around 4:30pm - we were above the Dolphin/Swan complex, at around 1000 feet, performing turns so tight that the helicopter felt it was on its side. Fantastic fun! And its only from the air that you can see just how close these complexes are to each other. What a blast. Well recommended.

Back down to earth, and a quick huddle around the Fountain. What to do next ? Well.

The Annual Bloggers Dinner.

DSC02656I'd not done one of these before, but the basic idea is for all us bloggers to head to Shulas at the Dolpin, eat, drink and be Mary. Nice. I think in the end 25 folks turned up...

Fantastic evening. Poor Alan Lepowsky was sitting opposite me, and Ed was at the end of the table. Our table appeared to be less rowdy than the other one - which is a first for me. Fantastic food, and huge bottles of wine.. Very pleasant.

Ed celebrated my Penumbra board membership by asking me particularly hard questions, which given my new position, I couldnt possibly answer. After all the years of me asking him horrible questions, he certainly deserved some payback.

More discussion on Second Life, and the pros/cons. Can we all agree for the moment that IBM dont actually run Second life ? And that no-one will get preganant or do drugs in there ? That its all - like - just for fun ?

Finally the bill came. A blistering $5,000 dollars. Scary stuff. Poor Kitty almost had a heart attack and spent a good 30 minutes organising everyone to pay.. I think something like $4,000 was handed over in cash.

A quiet drink at Kimonos, and then off to bed.