Lotusphere 2007 - the Saturday.


Up bright and bleary around 8am, to find that Roy had exited the room already. Apparently he'd let some obsese snoring scotsman share his room, and couldnt sleep. Sorry Roy...

Whilst the rest of HADSL went shopping (after a very nice breakfast at "Fresh" in the Dolphin), I headed for the Penumbra meeting. Did you know where the Swan Beach Club was ? Neither did I. Was it at the Swan, the Dolphin, the Yacht, the Beach club ? I wandered around for TWO Hours looking for it, before finally finding it on the Swan's 12th floor. Just in time for the end of the meeting.. Sigh. Then over to the microbrewery with the ICODEX guys for lunch...

Checked into the Yacht and Beach - which took over 45 minutes. Why ? This was the first time I had used a visa card outside the US, and the call went through extensive credit checking - finally ending up with the Bank of Scotland credit card folks in Scotland. Guys- if you want to use automated call systems to alert credit card holders that you suspect a fraud is taking place - repeat the message at least twice. Our answering machine message isnt long, and only managed to get the last few words.. Assholes..

DSC02472I was supposed to go to BALD - the Bloggers Annual Lunch Date - around 3pm, but found myself sleeping instead. Got my ugly butt out of bed just in time to unpack my "instant scotsman kit", get the kilt on (and found my new Schipol-purchased shirt too small!), and head across to the Dolphin to pick up , Kitty and Richard for the Penumbra Foultons-crab-house dinner. Now this event really starts off Lotusphere for me - its a formal 70-person dinner on the Foultons steamboat at Downtown disney. Fantastic food, good company, great surroundings. This is where I had infamously pinged croutons over Mike Rhodins nose & told the Haggis hunting story to the head of binary tree.

DSC02477This year, Richard, Warren, Kitty and I shared a table with Alan Lepofsky, Ed Brill, Kathleen McGivney and others. Great fun. Ed and Alan got into the swing of things by immediately swapping name tags. Lots of banter around the table.

Now, Penumbra each year recognise an IBM staff member who has contributed most to the Business Partner community by presenting them with a "Prism" award. This year the vote was exactly split between Alan Lepofsky and David Stephens. Fantastic stuff. Of course the whole Ed/Alan body swap running gag was almost played to its logical conclusion, but thankfully Mark Ramos didnt give Alan's award to Ed at the last minute.. Phew..

Kim Greene was the outgoing Penumbra board member this year, and graciously invited me to stand up and be formally recognised as the new board member. As I stood up, back to the doors to the Dec, Lance Spellman and Mark Ramos both jumped in the door wearing kilts... Funny, funny moment..

DSC02516Finally, the revellers all made it back to the ESPN for the tail-end of the Turtle party. Outside, the smokers were keeping permanent station at a bench, and I headed out to say "hi!". At this point, a group of seven or so giggling teenage girls demanded photos with the Scotmen - and so Lance, Mark and I were surrounded by giggling girls. Mark and Lance at this point started to understand the attraction...

Kilts and Girls.Off to bed, and a well deserved long-lie in..