Lotusphere 2007 - Friday Travel


First things first - this involved me staying up all thursday night, and getting a taxi to Aberdeen airport at 4am. Horrible time of the day. As I was flying from Aberdeen to Amsterdam Schipol, then Minneapolis, then Orlando, this wasnt going to be a pleasant day. Surprisingly, the first flight left on time, and got me to Schipol with all of 25 minutes to make the second flight. I still managed to buy a formal dress shirt on the way - testiment to my speed-shopping.

The flight across the Atlantic was pleasant - a new Airbus and a video-on-demand system. And since the flight had 100+ empty seats, I had a window and aisle seat to myself. I flew back over my house (second time that day!) around 10am.. Frustrating, spending seven hours travelling to get back to the start..

Minneapolis was fun. I had to confirm my bags, and check them back in. I was waitlisted for first class, and made extensive use of the very nice Northwest lounge.. One point about Minneapolis - its a smoke free airport. So I had to exit security and stand around (in sub-zero temperatures) in order to enjoy a nicotine hit (God, I've gotta quit!). Coming back into the aiport, security did ask what the back of my head meant.. "Was I a gang member?".. Ahh. Only if the gang routinely included middle-aged overweight chain-smoking computer hackers..

Last leg to Orlando - sitting in the back, and then just before take-off, pushed up to first class. Lovely. The flight attendants on North West (both at the front and the back of the plane) were very attentive to my needs...

Deplaned in Orlando, and thanks to coming in via Domestic, didnt have to endure the horror of the "double-bag drop" system that international travellers into MCO have to endure. Bonus: My luggage made it too!

Made it to the Dolphin bar for 10am, and showed my business colleagues my head-art for the first time - I had "forgotten" to mention to them what I was doing. So first time I turned around - all I heard was "*choke* *spurt* WHHAAT THE F*****?", etc. Very funny. Thanks to a complete lack of organisation, had to crash in Roy's room that night...